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Meal Of Heart @ Summer House Cafe

Ok so I am diversifying my blog, I love fashion but I also love going out and showing off my style. So I thought why not share that with you too. Fashion is an expression of myself and I always dress for the occasion. This occasion was a chilled monsoon season kind of a Saturday. The type of day where you just want to be relaxed dress comfy and hide away with good company and even better food.

So, I headed with my friends early afternoon to summer house cafe (Recently opened in lower parel, Mumbai) Open every single day of the week with interesting events happening. This got my interest and I called the cafe manager Mr Imran Patil who guided me through everything, as he mentioned - Fridays and Saturdays they call guests dj to light it up for the weekend in mumbai.  Sunday is a salsa night ( bring in your partner or find one 😁 ) Mondays for Karaoke( come out of shower now ) Tuesdays for stand up comedy (good end to a heavy day i'd say ) ,  Wednesdays is a ladies night (yes, utilise this…
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Power Of Suggestion

You came here because my picture said to know more what's in the circle -"Tap the link in my bio". 
Many of us are doing this without any reason ( talking about misleading pictures or videos on instagram ). We don't believe what our eyes have seen or we more believe in the suggestion which has been created ? 
It has become so easy to follow a different perspective that we forget we have our own! Hence we build those blocks for someone else's perspective or we actually anticipating our response expectancies! A lot of us in our daily routine don't even realise that we are flowing in that minute suggestion from someone over something,which changes our behaviour and we build our expectations in its occurrence.
Your suggestion alone can carry enough power, why waste giving your power to somebody's perspective unless you agree with them ( how are we going to find a herd of sheep then ;) ) 
Using your power in a right way for yourself or for someone else would …

Love Tales By Anita Dongre

I'm all about whites , be it the basic tee with my jeans or my home walls ,nothing to do with the season or trends falling in but it's one of those color which cannot be outworn.

Each wedding comes with Alot of excitement of deciding what to wear.
Red, green , magenta and other bright colors or from this family have been the most wanted choices most of the time .

wearing a color like white makes a statement, especially in Indian weddings, White looks elegant and at the same time looks very luxurious.
I picked up this garment from Anita Dongre because she experiments with cuts and colours to produce something significantly beautiful.

This garment has a subtle embroidery in the front which doesn't overpower the elegance of it , but gives a wonderful surprise with embroidery done on the back and makes it look a statement piece .

The best part about this beautiful piece is that it is so easy to carry , you could move around and enjoy the wedding with any interruptions of what…

Day To Night - Fun Fall Vibe

Fall this year is bringing up cotton pink, off shoulders and uniforms, I thought of giving it my own spin.

This look is not only simple, comfortable and elegant but at the same time you can wear this look from day to night.

For the day, wear a cotton pink off-shoulder top and with that a high-waist flared skirt. The length of the skirt makes it perfect for afternoon evening as the flow of the fabric gives it an amazing look.

I added a choker with to highlight my collar bone and to fill the negative space. I also added black heels so the look looks elegant.

For evening or night, you can just pull the skirt till top and remove the top to wear it like a dress. I removed my choker and used it as a thin belt. For my neck this time i added threads to a bracelet and made a choker out of it.

You can have this quick change anywhere because it is super easy and you have a complete look change in few minutes. You can do the same with your skirts and sometimes you drop crotch pants.

Skirt : Purc…

Edgy Summer - Fall Vibes

In the fashion world which is all about the brands and labels, designers stand out differently.
So, I collaborated with one of my good friends and an excellent designer Vichitra Amit (Vichitra design studio).
Keeping in mind my personal style and her design skills, we picked up this dress for me which is printed pink crop top and an olive green raw silk skirt.

Picking up a garment from a designer has its own pros as the dress is well tailored,the fit can be customised for you and there can be minor alterations which can bring in major change. Now, coming back to my look which goes perfectly with the current seasonal vibes which are somewhat hanging between the summers and fall. Pink color which gives a vibrant summer look and the olive green from those fall vibes match great together.

I wore the cold shoulder and tucked in the top as i wanted to look elegant and wanted to show my waist line which makes me look taller. I paired it up with golden square earrings so that i have a fancy …

Cheap Thrills

Everything is moving so fast , And so is Fashion. Trends are moving quickly.
Before you can actually decide to buy something , something else is already out in the Fashion market .

Most of us (including me) , practically cannot be spending thousands or dollars on one single piece. Which you can maximum wear it for like four times, as you don't want to repeat and also don't want to spend unnecessarily for something which is only going to be in trend for a short span .

The philosophy of quick manufacturing at an affordable price is used by large retailers as H&M , Zara , Topshop Etc .

Fast fashion has also become associated with disposable fashion because you can carry a designer product to a mass market at a relatively low price.

Girls , you don't really need big bills to look good . Sometimes we should let the Fast fashion (cheap fashion ) thrill everyone around you .

Where thrills are good , you really don't need to spend much .
The Niche thing never works for me…

My Summer Is Orange

Summer trends this year have again varied from pastels to white. Following the summer trends i thought of wearing a subtle orange backless dress. I paired this dress with black bag and black heels.

Most of the times I end up buying dresses only because of the color , And then i find nothing to pair it up with, In such cases , You can pair it up with either black or white depending upon your look.

Summer clichés are all about those beautiful colors , minimalist make up and skin show. I tried to incorporate all these in my look to give a strong summer vibe.

                                      By the way did you know Orange is the only color from spectrum whose name was taken from an object, The popular fruit - The Orange .
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Picture Credits : Aman Aftab
Fashion Editor : Gagan Goyal